Employee earnings fall for a third decade

31 Jan 12

Shrinking wages mean that UK workers are taking home £60 billion less, in today's relative value, than workers 30 years ago.

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HMRC must clarify how Real Time PAYE will affect small firms

13 Jan 12

HMRC has not established how Real Time PAYE will affect small businesses that do not have electronic payroll systems, MPs have claimed.

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Just 10,000 firms sign up for national insurance holiday scheme

05 Jan 12

Take up of the Government's national insurance holiday scheme is much lower than expected, Treasury statistics have revealed.

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Employers must explain pay freezes to prevent productivity going cold

04 Jan 12

Employers are being urged to raise their 'communications game' to keep employees motivated and productivity flowing as pay freezes become the norm.

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Government should provide tax breaks for medical insurance

22 Dec 11

The Government is being urged to provide tax breaks to employers offering private medical insurance as a benefit.

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