Personal tax

1 in 8 SMEs use personal loans for funding

23 Oct 15

1 in 8 SMEs has used credit cards and personal loans to fund their businesses over the last 12 months, according to new research by Santander Corporate & Commercial.

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Inheritance tax bill exceeds £3 billion

14 Oct 15

The inheritance tax paid on 17,900 estates exceeded £3 billion in 2012/13, according to Prudential.

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Pensioners pay a tenth of income tax

18 Sep 15

Over-65s pay 11% of the UK’s income tax bill according to figures released by Prudential.

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Avoidance crackdown nets record collection for HMRC

14 Sep 15

The government has now collected a record £1 billion in tax payments from individuals using tax avoidance schemes as a result of new collection rules, according to HMRC.

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Two fifths of students not insured

01 Sep 15

With a record number of students due to start university in the coming months, there are concerns that many students do not have contents insurance.

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