Retail sales likely to be hit by VAT rise

04 Jan 11

The rise in the standard rate of VAT, from 17.5 per cent to 20 per cent, is likely to hit retailers, a new study has suggested.

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VAT hike means people will work longer to pay their taxes

29 Dec 10

It will require an extra three days for taxpayers to reach that point in the year when they will have earned enough income to pay their tax bills, the Adam Smith Institute has said.

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Measures needed to help businesses cope with the severe winter

22 Dec 10

The Government and the banks have been urged to lend their support to firms hit hard by the severe winter weather.

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Businesses reminded of imminent VAT rise

21 Dec 10

Businesses are being urged to ready themselves for the increase in the standard rate of VAT set for 4 January.

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New VAT rate could be here to stay

16 Dec 10

The new standard rate of VAT could become a permanent feature of the business landscape.

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