Businesses reminded of imminent VAT rise

21 Dec 10

Businesses are being urged to ready themselves for the increase in the standard rate of VAT set for 4 January.

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New VAT rate could be here to stay

16 Dec 10

The new standard rate of VAT could become a permanent feature of the business landscape.

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VAT rise splits business response

09 Dec 10

There is a mix of strategies among business for dealing with the hike in VAT that is due to take effect as from 4 January next year.

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Pushing up VAT threshold would boost employment

08 Dec 10

Some 35,000 extra jobs could be created if the threshold at which small firms pay VAT is lifted, a leading business group has claimed.

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Medium-term growth positive, but VAT may hit immediate recovery

06 Dec 10

The British Chambers of Commerce (BBC) has issued its latest economic forecast and has said that the UK economy should experience an upturn in growth in 2012.

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