Accounts preparation

We can relieve you and your team of an enormous burden by taking care of the preparation of your annual accounts. Our first step is to work with you so we can gain a full understanding of your business. Then we tailor our approach to your requirements so we can provide exactly the service you need. We can even help you get started with unique and cost-effective computerised accounting systems that every business can use.

For many small businesses, it isn't cost effective for us to come to their premises in order to prepare the annual accounts in the Sussex area. For those businesses, we receive the various books and records in our office and the work is performed here.

Whether we're working at your premises or at ours, the work we do is similar. We take the raw data which appears in your own accounting records however comprehensive or simple that might be, and we transfer the various figures into a special program which produces final accounts. This is particularly useful in the case of companies since the final outputted format complies with the various Companies Acts.

Through the program that we've just mentioned we make adjustments for:

  • monies not yet received or paid by the business
  • opening and closing stock
  • for work in progress and for several other items such as expenditure paid in advance

As a result the final accounts we provide to you not only are in a format that will satisfy the various legislative requirements if appropriate, but are also in a format that will satisfy HM Revenue & Customs.

In many cases, when the Annual Accounts are received by the client, it will be the first comprehensive piece of management information the business would have had for the entire year - obviously the sooner the accounts are prepared after the year-end date the better and we always aim to achieve this within the two months of the year end date.