Retirees rely on state pension

26th May 2015

The state pension will be the only source of income for 15% of people retiring this year, research by Prudential has revealed.

The survey found that 21% of women have no pension savings compared to 9% of men.

Important figures:

  • the state pension will make up 36% of retirement income for people retiring in 2015
  • 37% of people surveyed overestimated the value of the state pension
  • 8% had no idea how much the state pension is worth.
  • 54% feel financially well prepared for retirement, compared to 47% in 2014. 

Vince Smith-Hughes, retirement income expert at Prudential, said: 

"For many people reaching the retirement milestone this year, their income will come from a number of sources. Our research shows that the state pension will make up a significant proportion of income for most people - but it is important not to overestimate its value. To secure a comfortable retirement income the best approach remains to save as much as possible as early as possible during your working life."

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