Before deciding if a career in Network Marketing is worth pursuing you may ask yourself if you have the ‘right’ personality for the job. Many of the top-earning distributors you may see on stage talking about their success stories appear extrovert, confident and outgoing. But does that mean that you can only succeed in Network Marketing if you’re that personality type?

We don’t think so! Network Marketing is an inclusive community in that it’s made up of a wide range of people from all walks of life. Teams are likely to be made up of introverts, extroverts and everything in between.

Whilst you may feel that extroverts have an advantage as they seemingly thrive on meeting new people and ‘putting themselves out there’, consider the flipside. Introverts are often better listeners and not as focused on themselves, which can be a huge benefit when building relationships.

Here are 5 tips for introverts to succeed in Network Marketing:


Practise your introduction/elevator pitch

Although the idea of walking into a room full of strangers may seem daunting, networking and building relationships is an essential part of building your network marketing business. This involves some degree of small talk which many introverts are not keen on. Sooner or later the inevitable question of ‘so, what do you do?’ will pop up, so it’s great to have a rehearsed response ready for this. Try to focus on the benefits of what you do e.g. “I help people develop a healthier lifestyle and lead a financially secure future”. Ideally, this will then invite a question such as “how do you do that?”.

It’s also a good idea to prepare a few questions to ask people you’ve just met in a social setting.

Do your research

The ability to talk knowingly and passionately about the products, promotions and benefits of joining your team will enable you to talk confidently to new people. When looking to recruit new team members, consider examples of other team members and how the opportunity has benefitted them. It can be a powerful message to say ‘I’ve got someone in my team who was in a very similar situation to yours. She managed to do…’

Start small and learn from others

If possible, tag along a seasoned networker who can make some introductions for you and who you can shadow to pick up tips and tricks. What sort of questions do other people ask, how do they respond to pauses in conversation, what other topics do they talk about?

Start by talking to smaller groups of one or two people and do that for a while until you have grown your confidence. 

Focus on them

As an introvert you may not enjoy the spotlight being on you, so focus on the other person instead! Combining great listening skills with asking the right questions will make people feel understood, which is the perfect base for developing a meaningful relationship. In an ideal scenario, you will be able to provide a solution to one of their problems, but in order to offer that you need to know what their problems, challenges and aspirations are.

Follow up

After meeting the person, send them a friendly message on social media or via text. If they showed an interest in the opportunity send them some information and say when you will contact them again. This will hold you accountable and show them that you are serious about growing your business.

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