Advising charitable organisations

We have many years’ experience of advising charitable organisations. Our charity clients operate in many areas including education, care for the elderly and handicapped, health and wellbeing, religion, arts, culture and animal welfare.

The specialist services that we provide to the charity sector include:

  • Auditing the charity’s accounts and providing added value
  • Preparing and independently examining the charity’s accounts to ensure that they comply with best practice (SORP)
  • Advising on how best to keep the accounting records of the charity and develop financial policies
  • Secretarial duties and meeting filing requirements of the Charity Commission and Companies House (if appropriate)
  • Advising on governance and best practice
  • VAT advice


Key points

  • Charity accounts audit 
  • Preparing and examining accounts
  • Accounting record keeping
  • Develop financial policies
  • Advising on governance and best practice
  • VAT advice

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