Business Expenses for Network Marketers

One of the most common questions we are asked is around what tax deductions are available for expenses that your network marketing business incurs.

Here’s a list of the main items that you are entitled to claim for:

  1. Motor expenses

You can claim for motor expenses in one of two ways. Most of our clients claim on a mileage basis and keep a mileage log to support the claim. This is probably the simplest method. Alternatively, you can claim a business proportion of your actual motoring costs i.e. petrol/diesel, repairs, insurance and road fund licence.

  1. Travel and Subsistence

You can claim for travel costs such as train fares, bus fares and parking related to the business. With regards to subsistence, modest subsistence expenses may be deducted from business profits. Where a business trip necessitates one or more nights away from home, the hotel accommodation and reasonable costs of overnight subsistence are deductible.

  1.    Office cost

If you spend money on computers and office furniture for use in the business then these are fully tax deductible. Also, any overhead costs in relation to computers such as broadband payments and website costs are allowable.

  1.     Promotional items

Promotional items such as business cards, brochures are all claimable if they relate to the business, as are general stationery and postage costs and advertising.

  1.     Household bills

If you work from home, then you are entitled to claim for a proportion of your home bills. Fixed costs such as mortgage interest/rent and council tax are claimable on a proportionate basis, whereas variable costs such as gas and electricity are claimed using flat rates provided by HM Revenue & Customs. We can assist with these calculations.

Here at PRB we are have been advising clients from the Network Marketing and direct selling industries for decades. Our aim is to reduce the amount of tax you pay, so if you’d like any help with your tax call us on 01444 458 252 or email

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