Forever Living Case Study 1

Just by presenting the figures slightly differently we were able to 

get her a tax refund worth £1,200

A Forever Living distributor contacted PRB on the eve of tax return deadline, 30th January. Despite having completed her tax return online she was “too frightened” to press the Submit button and asked whether one of our team could take a look at it.

Upon reviewing her tax return Chris realised that the way she was presenting the data was likely to give rise to a query by HM Revenue & Customs. More importantly, just by presenting the figures slightly differently we were able to get her a tax refund worth £1,200.

The lady was so delighted with our efforts that she is still a client of ours and has recommended us to many other Forever distributors.

Our experience in the network marketing sector means that we can achieve the best tax results for our clients which they may not have obtained on their own.

PRB Accountants work with a wide range of direct selling businesses, and we can help you too.

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