PRBookkeeping Case Study

An Amway Distributor tells of her experience using bespoke bookkeeping software PRBookkeeping.

Amway business owner M. started her direct selling business around 8 years ago and now leads a team of around 100 downlines. She initially fell into the business through her husband and loved the products, as well as the security of a second income alongside her main job.

Prior to becoming a PRB client, M. had been filing her own tax returns. After hearing Chris Whitley-Jones speak at a conference, she decided to appoint PRB Accountants and was delighted that they were able to obtain a tax refund for her, which she, by her own admission, would not have received if she’d continued doing her own tax returns.

Having worked with PRB Accountants for around 5 years, M. was using a simple spreadsheet to keep track of her bookkeeping. She was then asked by the PRB team to test the new software PRBookkeeping prior to implementation and has been a happy customer ever since.

  1. says: “I really like using the PRBookkeeping software. I find my bookkeeping is better because I’m doing it frequently, not just once a year in the run up to the tax return deadline. I’ve now got a much better overview of my financials and can keep on track throughout the year. It’s much easier to track payments and find what you’re looking for. The system doesn’t feel scary, is intuitive and has just the right level of information – it’s got everything you need but nothing too confusing.”

The cloud-based software was created as a completely bespoke system for individuals working in the Network Marketing or MLM industry.

If you’d like to find out more about how PRBookkeeping can help you manage your bookkeeping in a more streamlined way, give us a call today.

You can also download this case study as a PDF.

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