How to grow your Network Marketing team

Supporting and advising our network marketing clients on their journey to becoming successful businesses is one of the best parts about working as an accountant. When working with individuals starting out in the industry, we are often asked whether we have any insights into how best to grow a team of distributors, so we have rounded up our recommendations below.

Who do you want to attract?

Like in any business, you need to be crystal clear on what you are selling, and who your target audience are. Identify the compelling reasons why someone would want to join your team and network organisation, and familiarise yourself with company policies, benefits, bonus structures and training programmes.

Who is the type of person you would like to have in your team? Remember that it will be up to you to coach them so make sure you get along with them as a person. Successful network marketers come from all walks of life, but they all tend to be helpful, friendly and sociable. Consider what position your ideal team members is in in their life. The opportunity to work from home, often with flexible hours, will appeal to them, and they will need to have a passion for the product they’re selling.

Where do you find potential downlines?

Although some companies may recommend you approach friends and family, this tends to be a fairly short-lived approach. Whilst it is great that your existing social network know about what you do and might recommend you to their friends, you don’t want to waste your efforts on an audience that simply isn’t interested.

Set up a website or blog, and make it easy for people to find you on social media. Share glimpses and insights into the benefits of what you do on a regular basis, and show images of any events or socials you attend as part of your network marketing organisation. The social aspect and peer support within the network marketing world are appealing factors for potential team members.

Sometimes, existing consumers of your product become so passionate about the product that they then want to become a distributor themselves. Establish good relationships with your clients, find out about their lives, hopes and aspirations – and promote the opportunities of becoming a distributor, but only when appropriate.

Despite the advancement of digital media, nothing beats face to face communication and personal rapport. Find networking events that your target audience attend and be open to meeting new people in everyday situations.

Give it time

Despite what some so-called experts would have you believe, there is no quick way to recruit dedicated team members. Be patient, motivated and passionate about what you do, and other people will soon join.

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