If you’re a Network Marketer, then you are most likely aware of the opportunities and potential reach that social media can offer. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, each social media platform offers something different. With 3.3 billion users worldwide, and an average of 116 minutes spent on social media each day, it is a free and trackable way to attract and engage with existing and potential clients. Recent reports showed that at least 90% of businesses are using social media to promote their business as part of a wider marketing strategy.

Savvy Network Marketers use their social media presence to

  • Build their brand
  • Sell their products
  • Recruit new members

This blog will give you a few tips that should help you optimise your social media presence to reach all of the above goals.

Don’t do the hard sale – instead, create curiosity

In order to generate leads you need to captivate the curiosity of your friends and followers rather than giving them the hard sale. Posts such as ‘buy this great product’ will be perceived as spammy and your followers will soon get bored. Instead, you could post:

  • images of your clients’ (or your own) transformations. This works well for healthcare/food supplement companies that are aimed at people losing weight or getting fitter
  • testimonials on how your product/service has helped someone overcome a certain problem
  • videos of you talking about or even using the products you sell. For example, if you work for a beauty organisation, you could post makeover videos using the products you sell
  • statistics on how much money you were able to save someone if your business is around savings on things such as utilities or travel
  • questions that will help create conversations and engagement

Many Network Marketing organisations offer great incentive schemes including attendance at conferences, trips abroad, or even company cars. When trying to recruit new members to your team, mentioning those perks in a subtle way will make them curious to find out more. The flexible working nature of Network Marketing is a huge appeal to women so talking about how you can work your business around your other commitments is a great way to show the benefits of working in this industry.

Plan your posts

You need to be putting some thought into the content of your posts, the consistency and even the time you post. Research what times your followers are active – posting at 23:59 is likely to have less impact than at 20:15 if that’s when most of your audience are online. You should be planning your content as well. People won’t respond if you’re recycling the same content over and over again, but if you’re posting engaging and even funny content then you’ll get potential customers’ attention.

Your content needs to be visually appealing to stand out from the other posts in people’s newsfeeds. There are royalty free image sites where you can download images, and free image editing software to help you create memes.

Use hashtags and be social

From #MondayMotivation through to #TGIF, there are hashtags for every day of the week and time of year that you can piggyback on to and in the process, make your content searchable. Talk about seasonal events and news to create conversations and create engagement. Comment on other people’s content and they will be more inclined to engage with you.

Consider setting up a dedicated profile

When you first start out it’s fine to use your personal social media profiles to introduce and talk about your network marketing business, and you might even get some of your friends and family purchasing your products. Once your sales are going well and you are looking to recruit new members to your team, it’s advisable to create dedicated social media profiles. That way, you can easily separate your audiences and post accordingly. Use your business profiles to keep your followers up to date on new products and special offers. Make sure you’re using high-quality images.

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