A century may stand between women executives and equal pay

31 Aug 11

Female managers may have to wait until the next century before they can claim pay parity with their male counterparts.

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Pay deals hold steady

26 Aug 11

Average pay settlements remained constant at 2.5 per cent in the three months from May to July, it has been reported.

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School leavers lack employability skills

25 Aug 11

Concerns over the skill levels of school leavers have been heightened by a new report which indicates that employers are increasingly unwilling to take on young recruits.

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Economic fragility sees move towards flexible staffing

23 Aug 11

The uncertainty that still surrounds the economic recovery has led employers to boost their long-term plans for flexible staffing but to curtail their ambitions to increase their permanent workforces in the medium and the long-term.

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Jobs to become scarcer

18 Aug 11

News that unemployment levels have risen to 2.494 million in the second quarter of the year indicates that the private sector is struggling, at the moment, to take up the slack caused by lay offs in the public sector.

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