Pensions, savings and investments

Parent’s financial habits key influence on children

13 Jul 16

Do your financial habits shape the way that your children deal with money? 25% of people admit to following the same financial behaviours as their parents.

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New state pension – will you qualify?

23 Jun 16

Do you qualify for the new state pension? The government has agreed to write to those who do not have enough years of national insurance contributions to qualify for the new system.

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Companies spend more on pension contributions for older workers

22 Jun 16

Running a business? Companies are spending £42 billion more a year on defined benefit pension scheme contributions for the oldest third of pension scheme members.

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Lifetime ISA savers could face higher charges

16 Jun 16

Looking to use the Lifetime ISA? Savers could be faced with higher charges, reducing the value of their pots by 13%.

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1.4 million businesses still set to start auto-enrolment

13 Jun 16

Is auto-enrolment proving a challenge for your businesses? Around 1.4 million businesses are still due to begin the process between now and 2018.

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